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I am in Japan right now on vacations và I don’t really have sầu time khổng lồ bởi vì a proper Đánh Giá — I’m sorry about that!

I just wanted to lớn post about it, for consistency’s sake, and say: HOLY SHIT! This is getting very CLAMPy.

I promise khổng lồ vị a more detailed review next month for Chapter 25.

The updated menu of cards secured so far:


Anime-only cards:


29 pages for this chapter. 147 pages for volume 5 so far — this was probably the last chapter of volume 5.

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14 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter24”

Panicle says:
June 2, 2018 at 23:12

Hope you’re having a wonderful time on your vacation, Alex!

It’s weird that there’s not that much lớn say about this chapter? I’m glad we got confirmation that some of the Sakura Cards are safe with Syaoran, lượt thích everyone has guessed up until now, but the fact that their power source has apparently been converted inlớn moon magic could spell disaster if Syaoran tries khổng lồ confront Kaito lớn.

I’m glad Kero and Yue trust Eriol. At this point, though, even I’m getting frustrated with all the secrecy, ahaha. I’m ready for this story to end!

The big twist was a little cheap — I have a sense Ohkawa wrote this scene with the show in mind, và next week’s episode is going to lớn end exactly at the moment Sakura pulls the hood off the MCF’s face. We know Sakura và Syaoran will be happy together in the over, & the one explanation that does not make sense is the idea that Syaoran has been intentionally hurting Sakura, so this feels like some cheap last-minute drama.

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toshakun says:

Have sầu fun on the vacation!I think that Sakura’s subconscious is mixing together stuff that worry her. The cloaked figure and it’s identety và the reason behind Shaoran’s acting a bit down. It has been noted by Tomoyo, that Shaoran has grown taller (not by much though), & we could see it in both manga và anime that he’s now taller that the girls. While the cloaked figure was shown to lớn be around Sakura’s height. I believe that deep down Sakura knows or at least suspects that Shaoran has something khổng lồ vị with her cards going blank. This is why he appeared as the identity who is shown trying to lớn take Sakura’s magic away.I’m staring lớn wonder if Sakura is going to receive sầu any proper training regarding her powers any time soon. As it has been noted many times, her powers are becoming too great và growing out of her control.

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winterbat says:

Enjoy your vacation! I hope you have an opportunity khổng lồ go the Kero Cafe in Tokyo or the CCS Collab Cafe at Sweets Paradise in Nagoya!

Wow! What a cliffhanger! Did anyone get Tsubasa vibes from the look in Syaoran’s eyes?

And yet, I feel we (and Sakura) are being misled here. For one, this vision she had of Syaoran was different from her other dreams where she seems khổng lồ be transported lớn “Clockl&.” And this vision came right after Akiho put on her robes và went inkhổng lồ a trance. The look in Syaoran’s eyes with the reveal also looked quite trance-lượt thích và cold. If it were the Syaoran we knew, I’m sure he’d look much more guilty at the prospect of having deceived Sakura all this time.

So as Toshakun said, it could be that Sakura’s subconscious is turmoil right now and is bringing in her subconscious worries about Syaoran. Or this vision was implanted into Sakura’s dreams, either by Akiho herself in her trance-state while wearing her robes, or Kailớn via Akiho. We never really see what Kaito lớn is doing while Akiho is unconscious (in the manga at least). If Akiho and Sakura are in sync now, then Kaito can manipulate Sakura and stir up a lot of chaotic feelings with visions like these, prompting her lớn make more Clear Cards for whatever purpose he needs them for.

This also happened shortly after the very quiông chồng dream of “You can’t go back anymore.” I’m wondering if this was said by Syaoran. The Japanese uses “omae” for “you,” so even though the message is the same as Nadeshiko’s warning, I don’t think it’s her saying this. Could be Kaito lớn, but I’d have sầu to double check his speech patterns. But if Syaoran, then maybe Syaoran was on Sakura’s mind. And maybe we’re getting a Kingdom Hearts scenario where the MCF changes looks depending on who sees it lol.

Speaking of “You can’t go bachồng anymore,” could this be a warning from Syaoran to Sakura? Words of encouragement & determination to himself? A foreboding message to lớn Kaito/Akiho? Kaito seemed quite disturbed when Akiho was describing her dream. The mention of an opposite dream come true could have been referring lớn the Syaoran vision, but it also could have been just Kaito lớn trying to lớn reassure Akiho (và himself) after her “nightmare,” a nightmare that Kaikhổng lồ is working hard lớn keep from coming true. Something must have happened lớn Akiho/Kaikhổng lồ that Kailớn is working hard lớn reverse, & Kaito lớn fears that his efforts will be come to naught.

“You can’t go back anymore” indeed, after seeing Syaoran under the cloak, this is a big turning point for Sakura and her innocent cardcaptor-ing days. She can’t unsee that vision of Syaoran, so it’s probably gonna be a big driving force behind her actions in the next chapter!