I don"t know if it"s the confidence that comes with age or just sheer laziness, but makeup has become less and less appealing to me as the years go on. Most days, I"m trading in my primer for a good pore-blurring moisturizer, an opaque lipstick for tinted lip balm, & some concealer for a solid eye cream. Don"t get me wrong—I"ll never break up with my beloved concealers, foundations, và mascara, but even makeup lovers can"t deny that there"s something really refreshing about letting your skin breathe every now và then.

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Paulas Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
As someone who loves anything that promises hydration and glow, it"s hard khổng lồ achieve the same cấp độ of radiance I get from my favorite gold highlighter out of my skincare routine. Face oils provided some short-term brightness till they sunk in khổng lồ my skin, but that wasn"t quite what I was looking for. I found the solution lớn my lackluster skin woes in the last place I expected khổng lồ find it—in Paula"s Choice"s TikTok-famous BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($30, Amazon).

On the outside, this seemed like a pretty basic toner. It"s a simple grey bottle, & the toner has a water-like look và texture. I couldn"t believe sầu what I was seeing on TikTok. Hundreds of TikTok beauty lovers with various skin types, from oily to dry to acne-prone, và redness-prone were trying the liquid exfoliant, và every single one of them saw dramatic results fast. Even dermatologists rave about it how good it is at clearing acne và texture.

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Honestly, Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is the BEES KNEES 😻 #paulaschoiceskincare #paulaschoicebha #thisisthesign

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Here"s how it surprised me:

It makes my skin glow for hours after I put it on.

I use this both day và night, being careful lớn pair it with SPF during the day. When I use it during the day, it immediately makes my skin look glowy, & it stays that way for hours.

The biggest surprise I got was using this at night, though. Since I have really dry skin, I usually wake up khổng lồ see that my skin soaked up every bit of moisturizer và oil I put on it, but when I use this exfoliant, I wake up with my skin looking extra dewy & plump. It almost makes me not want to lớn wash my face in the A.M.

It"s super easy to lớn use.

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Technically, the directions say you"re supposed to shake some of the liquid on to a cotton pad/ball before dabbing it in khổng lồ your skin, but in an effort to be a little bit more eco-friendly (or an excuse lớn be lazy), I really just pour a teaspoon-sized amount of it in lớn the palm of my hand & then press it in to lớn my skin.

Just lượt thích any toner, I simply apply it right after cleansing và before my serums and moisturizers. I didn"t even have lớn wait more than a couple of days to see dramatic results.

It makes my skin soft & soothes breakouts.

I have sầu really large pores along my cheeks, so I"m constantly battling the look of texture on my face. The salicylic acid in this deeply penetrates my pores to make my skin feel just as soft (if not softer) as it does when I"ve sầu gotten a facial, done some facial steaming, or used a chemical exfoliant on it.

Salicylic acid is also great at fighting those cystic hormonal breakouts I get along my jawline and chin every month. I wouldn"t say it prevents them, but once they pop up, they heal much faster when I use this on them overnight without irritating them or making them more red, like some chemical exfoliants can.

Needless to lớn say, I finally understvà the hype around this. In just two uses, it transformed the texture of my skin, gave me a sun-kissed glow, & cleared my acne. If you don"t trust me, trust the TikTok beauty gods—I"m thankful I did.

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